Ep #24: Using Big Data as a Differentiator – With Mark Smith


Today, we welcome the founder and CEO of miEdge.biz, Mark Smith, to ShapeShifters. The miEdge application is an affordable and easy to use service that combines an intuitive interface to a database and search engine of Department of Labor Health/Welfare Employee Benefits information.

I invited Mark to the show to discuss how data can be an effective prospecting and service tool while also serving as a differentiator for benefits advisors. Tune in to learn how the miEdge system helps level the playing field by making even the “average” benefits advisor a subject mater expert, able to tailor client solutions based on their unique datasets.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What “Big Data” is and why it matters.
  • How data can be a differentiator for advisors.
  • How data can be used in prospecting.
  • Whether  this is accessible to the “average” advisor.
  • Why DOL datasets are not practical for the average person to use.
  • How advisors can use data to help clients.

Featured On The Show:

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  1. Like most of them, this was a very good podcast. We are miEdge users and I picked up some additional ideas for using the tool more effectively. Thanks for your excellent work.

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