My 2022 New Year’s hope for you is that you stop making resolutions. Resolutions, goals, long-term plans, and much of what we do when we plan our business years are great exercises. But they are aspirational, one-time exercises. In 2022, we all need more.

The Road to Hell is not paved with good intentions, it is paved with resolutions. We do it every year in every one of our businesses. A year later, what has really changed? A great deal… and nothing at all. How can that be?

Because we major in minors. We find better I.T. systems, we upgrade to a broader CRM system or perhaps add an A.I.-driven expert help system. We fluff up our website or drop a few more social media pieces.

That is exactly the wishful thinking, inconsequential, distracting nonsense that stops us from achieving our best success. Why? Because it focuses us on facts and talking rather than on effective communicating.

The secret to effective communication is using emotion that speaks to your clients’ needs and wants and that is conveyed by a story that resonates with them. As humans, we have been doing that for 30,000 years. As businessowners, not so much.

This year, do something that will have a direct impact on your business – think about how to transform your communication to create the kind of success you and those you serve envision in 2022.


We began telling stories 30,000 years ago and we are still telling stories today. Why?

Initially stories were meant as a way to preserve and pass down the history of peoples. Later, they were called “parables” and were used to teach lessons. And that is no wonder. Read more “Let Me Tell You a Story”

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