Ep #36: Building A Successful Referral-Based LTC Practice – With Tobe Gerard


On this episode of ShiftShapers podcast, we’re very excited to welcome Tobe Gerard, the owner of Tobe Gerard Insurance. After 20 years in the industry she started her own agency, deciding to specialize exclusively in long-term care insurance. For the past 15 years she has been doing just that, but with a few unique practice parameters that have made the agency highly efficient, effective and successful.

Rather than finding prospects directly – as is the case with most practices – Tobe took a different route; cultivating relationships with other professional (such as financial planners, life insurance brokers, accountants and others) who are happy to refer their clients to a subject matter expert. Once the prospects began flowing, she developed a multi-part strategy to avoid being a “quote machine” with a file cabinet full of china eggs.

Join us to find out how Tobe was able to shape her successful referral-based long term care specialty practice and how it is doing in today’s environment. Learn about what tools and techniques are most effective in working with long term care clients and prospects and why the current trend of using riders on life plans may not always be the best solution for your clients.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Tobe’s background.
  • The reason she chose to specialize in long-term care.
  • Why her practice is referral-only.
  • How Tobe creates new sources of referrals for her agency.
  • Tools and techniques for working with long term clients.
  • What “Invisible Coverages” are.

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  1. Sue Angel says

    Just listened to Tobe Gerad’s LTC episode really enjoyed it I work in LTC have been a broker over 20 yrs.
    I would like to be on your email list for future episodes.

    Thank you, Sue Angel

    • Hi Sue,

      Thanks for listening! I agree, Tobe rocks. I will add you to our list for future special offers – thanks for asking.

      We don’t notify folks for each episode, but here’s the “secret”: A new episode gets published on our site and on iTunes and Stitcher every Sunday morning at 6am Eastern. You can also have iTunes automatically drop each new episodes into iTunes for you.

      Again, thank for listening. Let us know if there are any topics we haven’t covered yet that you would like to hear.

      Looking forward,


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