Ep #39: Profit From the Convergence of Technology and Benefits – With Michael Lujan


Advisors doing more and earning less need new tools to deal with today’s benefits environment. Unfortunately, according to our guest, our industry is behind the curve in the convergence of market change and technology.

Michael Lujan President and Co-founder of LimeLight Health and is also serving as President-elect of the California Association of Health Underwriters. Michael, a long time technologist, is dedicated to providing health insurance agents with a platform and tools that simplify complex proposal, renewal and benefits decisions.

Michael joins us today to discuss the current void in technology for benefits advisors and the importance of today’s insurance market catching up to other industries. We discuss how technology can help advisors become more effective and efficient while also differentiating them in their markets.  Join us to find out about the new tools available and how they can help you step up your game!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Michael’s background.
  • His involvement in Cover California.
  • Why advisors need 21st century tools.
  • What functionality is needed in the field.
  • How to get traditional advisors “tech-ed up.”
  • The future of the intersection of technology and benefits.

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  1. David,
    Thank you for your excellent work and focus on technology and innovation in the health insurance and employee benefits field. While mine is only one of many new technologies coming to market, these tools will change how agents/brokers run their business and actually thrive in the new market.
    I am so very proud of what agents have done to demonstrate unequalled value to consumers and employers and deliver massive enrollment results both on and off exchange. Agents aren’t going anywhere and simply need better technology to simplify and streamline the transactional part of our business. Thank you for creating this forum for sharing new ideas and solutions to promote agents in this very complex market.

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