Shocking News! Your Website Isn’t Helping You Sell.

Shocking News – This Just In…

The goal of your website is NOT to sell. There it is! I said it. And for all too many companies, this will come as a giant “OMG” moment. It’s OK, show me your shocked face. Those who have an absolutely beautiful website with gorgeous images and tons of information and data – I’m talking to you. You are confusing the heck out of the prospects you want and if you confuse – you’ll lose. Every time.

All of which begs the question: if the goal of a website is not to sell, what IS the goal? It is to start a conversation with your prospect. Think about how often you win if you can get a face-to-face meeting with a qualified prospect. If you are reading this blog, I’ll be that’s a pretty high number. How many sales have you made directly from your website? ‘Nuff said.

You should be proud of your firm and all of your accomplishments. You should showcase your team and the depth you provide clients. You may even want to have some case studies showing how you have helped others solve their problems. Great… just not on your website.

How much more impactful and different would it be for you to create a corporate brochure which you could snail mail before the appointment? Attach a handwritten note saying something like, “I want to focus on you and your company when we meet, but I thought you might want to learn a bit more about us first. I am looking forward to our meeting. Clear message sent and received. Score!

Your website should be clear and concise. Ditch ALL of the confusing stuff. Ask yourself, “If I were a prospect, would this get me to make a call and set up an appointment?”

Stop Talking. Start Communicating. Sell More.


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