James Davis


Uncomplicate Your Tech

“Starting a new company is a challenge. David and his team have helped us all the way from concept through implementation. Using the StoryBrand framework we identified the specific client we wanted and built a story that invites them in. We created a website, email campaign, presentation deck and script and are working on podcast bookings and videos. In addition to being a great guide, David is easy to work with and keeps things fun while meeting our needs. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs to create or sharpen their corporate story.”

John Woods


John Woods Health

“I began working with David Saltzman in early 2020. He introduced me to the book Storybrand by Donald Miller. I read the book cover to cover then started working through the book taking notes and working on applying it to my business. Then I became stuck.

I reached out to David and he help me develop my Storybrand two-liner in a way I never would have accomplished by myself. The insight he gave me and the way he was able to walk me through and continually refine my ideas and lead me to an accurate and effective brand.

Since then we have continued to work together on the marketing for my consulting practice. Additionally, he has introduced me to people he knows in the industry that can improve the quality of my work as well as the ideas I can bring to the table.

I cannot say enough good things about Dave. His willingness to share what he knows, his ability to help me develop my ideas and his sense of humor have been invaluable to me these past six months. I plan to continue to work with David Saltzman for years to come.”

Ronny Leber

Event Host and Keynote Speaker

“I was looking for a certified StoryBrand guide because I knew that my message was not strong enough on my homepage to really convert the people I want to work with into clients. And I thought, “who can help me?” I looked at different profiles of certified guides and it’s very soon became clear to me.

David is the guy to talk to, and it’s been such a pleasure. We’ve worked together and we have achieved results that are fascinating. And we did our one-liner and created our new homepage together. And it’s just, it’s really, really, really fun to work with. David. We always have a great time, and at the same time I can see results – and I love that combination.”

Carol Matznick

Director of Marketing

Triune Technologies

“David and his team have been helping us clarify our messaging and create materials that get our prospect’s attention. As a Certified StoryBrand Guide, David took us through the process and helped our organization to learn how to communicate and win business by creating stories that make our client the hero.

From initial concept through creating collateral materials, website content, product one sheets, social media content and more, David is a gifted marketer and copywriter who can make any message come alive and resonate with prospects and clients. He is also great fun to work with and makes the process easy for us. If you need to clarify your message and then create materials to tell that story, David is your guy.”

Steve Israel


South Florida Affiliated Health

“Medicare can be a confusing topic for many consumers, so being able to tell a story that invites them in and frames their issues in concise and accurate language is key. David and his staff helped us do that, while navigating around the seemingly endless Federal requirements of what can and can not be said in marketing materials.

The StoryBrand process helped us to zero in on the main concern that our clients face and created a communication strategy with our team so that we could more easily attract and retain clients. David kept the process light and helped us to laser focus on that main outcome.

From the content on our new website to creating a deck to tell our story, help with presentation techniques, and all of our collaterals, David was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend The Saltzman Group to anyone who wants to sell more.”

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